Anomaly Detection for Adobe Analytics
to ensure Data Quality

  • Automated anomaly detection
  • Slack channel notifications
  • Data monitoring and audit

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Let machines do the monkey work

Automated Smart Alerts

Every night an automated process will check your data and
slack you the details if any anomalies are found

How to Setup

Setup is Fast and Easy

Watch the video on how to setup Alarmduck in a few minutes

Pricing after 30 day trial


Great for one Report Suite

5 Reports

$ 25

per month


For multiple Report Suites

10 Reports

$ 49

per month


For Analytics Ninjas

20 Reports

$ 98

per month

5 reports will allow you to connect 5 different report suites.
We can also handle more than 20 reports and create it automatically! Contact us
About Us

Alarmduck Team

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Lluis Gasso


Data engineer designing complex database structures to faciliate large amounts of data for fast access and analysis


Tomas Balciunas


Analytics engineer developing API based solutions to move data seamlessly, join with other data sources and perform programatic analysis using Python

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Adam Greco


Senior Partner at Analytics Demystified and board of directors of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) pushing the limits of what can be done with digital analytics

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